Jevas Events

Jevas Events is a project of women empowerment created by The Kindness Pursuit with the mission to facilitate a space for talented women around the island to not only get inspired with each other but to connect with new people, to learn from each other and to pursue collabs and future business projects.

Jevas Events facilitates a space to:

  • Get to know empowered women and connect with new people.
  • A space to get inspired and empowered with other women.


Create a space for women to connect and see each other as friends and not competition. 



Jevas Brunch


  • 18 Entrepreneur Woman assisted
  • 3 Hours of Empowerment and getting to know each other.
  • Over 15 Collabs were made this day


Jevas Coffee Break


  • 18 Entrepreneur Woman assisted
  • 2.5 Hours of Empowerment and getting to know each other
  • Over 15 Collabs were made this day
  • One of our collabs during the event was having @habiaunavezpr paint our self-portrait


Valentines with Jevas 



Uniting Women is one of my passions. Today I was blessed because I met these strong-minded, wonderful & beautiful women. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and bloggers got together to not only network but to share their story. How deeply blessed they made me feel today with all their positive words towards me. God show me his love for me today thru these wonderful women. It's incredible how you decide to do something and how beautiful projects like this one makes your life worthwhile. Jevas Events will continue moving forward because empowering, telling your story, working together and not competing is what being a woman is all about. Thank you, Aida, owner of @historias_y_un_cafe  for sharing a corner of your beautiful business with us today. I am extremely grateful. More Jevas Events are coming up! So stay tuned to our invite! ✨



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